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Christmas Holiday

We will be closed for our Christmas holidays between the 20th December and 5th January. 

This is a complete factory shut down and we will temporarily suspend online ordering between 21st December and 5th January. 

Pre-Christmas orders will need to be placed before the last order date on the table below. (For UK this is the 18th December.) 

Area Last Order date Last Posting Date
U.K. 18th 20th
Austria 14th 19th
Belgium 17th 20th
Croatia 14th 12th
Czech Republic 18th 13th
Denmark 14th 19th
Estonia 12th 15th
Finland 12th 15th
France 14th 19th
Germany 14th 19th
Hungary 13th 18th
Italy 13th 18th
Latvia 15th 12th
Ireland 18th 20th
Luxembourg 18th 20th
Poland 13th 18th
Portugal 13th 18th
Netherlands 17th 20st
Slovakia 13th 18st
Slovinia 12th 15th
Spain 13th 18th
Sweden 12th 15th