In regards to the recent guidelines introduced by the UK government we are currently unable to accept new orders. This is due to courier restrictions, supply chain issues and staff shortages. Our customer service team are working remotely and can be contacted at Stay Safe and think of those most vulnerable. Kind regards eco-craft.  

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FAQ overview


Placing an Order
Delivery & Returns


I have ordered the wrong card, am I able to return and order the correct card?

Yes - we are happy to exchange or refund for any goods that were not suitable for your requirements.
To see our returns policy simply click here.

Are your bags suitable for original artworks, prints, lino-cuts?

They are designed for use with greetings cards and many of our customers use them for putting artwork in.
However we would not recommend them for archival use or with valuable paintings as we cannot guarantee them to be 'acid free'. So for such applications our bag manufacturers would recommend the use of polyprop bags instead.

Are your envelopes made in the UK?

The envelopes are manufactured in the UK and our papers are made in the UK / EU from post consumer waste sourced in the UK / EU.

Are your natural flecked paper and card dyed or bleached?

No - the eco-natural and hairy manilla paper and card are not dyed, or bleached using any chlorine.

Are your paper and Card products Vegan Friendly?

All of our paper, card and packaging products are made from recycling waste paper collected from household and industry paper collections, which should not contain any animal waste products but we could not 100% guarantee this. The paper is then thoroughly cleaned to remove any such contaminates before processing.

The modern recycling process itself doesn't require the use of animal products or any animal testing.

Most of the materials we sell is not dyed and where the material is coloured, the dyes used will always be up to the latest EU safety
legislation, and will be non-toxic and free from any animal pigments such as cochineal.

Our envelopes are free from animal based adhesives and do not contain any gelatine. (The sealed parts use PVA and the flap glue is potato starch based)

Our clear bags are oil / corn starch based with the self seal bags using a non toxic petro-chemical based adhesive tape (free from any animal products including Gelatine).

In essence, as far as is humanly possible we are happy that our products are animal friendly and should be suitable for use by vegetarians / vegan.

As a regular business customer – can I set up a trade account?

No - Sorry we don't offer a 'trade account'. We offer a range of quantity discounts instead .
We feel it is fairer to offer discounts to everyone of our customers based on economies of scale. The more you buy the lower the production and packing costs – and the better the price you pay.

As a regular customer most of my orders have arrived quite promptly but my last order took a lot longer to arrive. Is there a reason for this?

We do apologise for delays dispatching orders. As a small family company we do occasionally get unexpectedly busy periods when delays will be inevitable, especially during our busiest times of year such as the run up to Christmas and early Spring (Wedding Season).
At these busy periods we do post expected dispatch times on the top of the home page to help give you some idea when to expect your parcel.

Can I mix colours to get quantity discounts?

You can use different coloured packs to make up your order and get quantity discounts.
For example, if you wanted 100 items and the pack size is 10 then you will be ordering 10 packs. Each of these 10 packs could be a different colour if you wish. You would still receive the appropriate discount.

Can I pay for my order by PayPal?

Yes - We accept paypal payments. 

Can you supply your Bio-degradable bags in A3 size?

Unfortunately the bio-film only comes in rolls wide enough to make A4 size bags so we can't offer A3 size. We can only offer the polyprop ones - sorry.

Do I need to set up an account to be able to place an order?

No you can order from us without having to set up an online account (set up as a guest).
However setting up an online account does have it's advantages:

  • You won't need re-enter your details every time you place an order.
  • You'll be able to track your orders progress.
  • You will be able to view your previous orders making it easier to place
How long does delivery take?

Please see delivery info for up to date despatch times. 

How much is delivery?

Delivery charges vary depending on the order value and the postcode where we are delivering to.
To see our delivery information simply click here.

I can't get to the payment page to complete my order. It just goes blank. I'm using Internet Explorer.

We've checked with our payment provider (sagepay) and they have suggested the following fixes to help.


  • If you are using an older version of Internet Explorer - try upgrading to a newer version.
  • Try clearing your Browsing History - it could be conflicting with the new order.
  • Try placing the order on another browser such as Google Chrome. (please note: if you registered as a 'my account' customer your products will remain in the shopping cart for you while you try the fixes)
I don't quite understand the quantity discounts, could you explain how they work?

For most of our products we offer quantity discounts.
These discount prices are shown with the number of packs needed to obtain the discount below the single price on the product page.
With most products you can buy different colours of the same item and still qualify for the quantity discount rate. Once you have purchased the appropriate number of packs the discount is given automatically.

I notice that your CD sleeves and boxes come unglued. Which glue do you recommend?

Yes all our products are supplied unglued and flat (mainly for screen print / letter press etc.) so will need to be glued. On the web site each of these products will have a suggested tape or glue.
Fingerlift tape is probably the easiest to use to get a strong, clean bond (each product shows a recommended width of tape). For a more permanent bond you can use a PVA glue such as our incredibly tacky glue. It's not as easy to use as double sided tape and needs the extra time to 'set' but will give a really strong bond. The most important thing is not to apply too much adhesive or it will wrinkle the card.

I require stationery for my business, is a VAT invoice provided.

Yes - A VAT invoice will be emailed with every order. If you created an account when placing your order, you will also be able to print out previous invoices at a later date. 

Is my information secure and private?

Yes we take every care to keep your details private and secure. The information you give us is only used to process your order. You can opt in to receive product updates etc. from us by email / blog but we will not disclose your personal information to third parties and as part of our ethical policy we will never to sell mailing lists for junk mail etc.
We use SagePay for secure online payment and to keep your details safe.
Our site is hosted on a secure server which is PCI DSS compliant to maintain the very highest levels of security at all times.

Is VAT included in the prices shown?

Yes - We show product prices on screen including VAT. However your dispatch note and invoice will show all prices listed excluding VAT, with the VAT total shown separately at the bottom (to conform with revenue and excise regulations).

Is your paper manufactured in the UK?

Yes - We source our paper and card from reputable suppliers based in the UK. Depending on colour the papers are made in UK / EU mills from post consumer waste / post commercial waste sourced in the UK / EU. 

Is your recycled card suitable for printing?

Yes - All of our card and papers are intended for printing through offset litho printers.
Most will work equally well for Letterpress and Screen Printing.
For inkjet you will need to check the spec of your machine for thicker sheets. We recommend checking a test sample first to check for suitability - bleed, drying time, thickness etc.
For toner based machines (laser and digital) - most of our customers find offset materials work without any problems but you will need to double check the spec for the machine. We recommend trying a test sample first to check for suitability.
(Please note our Felt White material has a surface texture and WILL NOT work on copiers or laser and digital printers).

I’m trying to order a pack of ten cards but your ordering system is only letting me order one sheet at a time.

When ordering from us you'll find that most our products are sold in pack quantities and the price shown is the price for the full pack.
When you place an order for 1 item you will be ordering 1 pack. Most of our products are sold in packs of ten so ordering 1 pack would give you ten sheets of card - not one sheet of card.

Please could you tell me if your coloured card and paper is acid free / pH neutral?

We're told by our suppliers that most of our card and paper should be ph neutral but because the waste paper (raw material) is so variable then there will always be some minor variations in the ph. Therefore we can't guarantee that our coloured card and paper is acid free / pH neutral - sorry.

Unlike the rest of your site the payment pages are not as easy to view on my mobile.

The payment page is provided by secure payments at Sagepay who are currently testing a fully responsive mobile and tablet friendly payment page. Hopefully it will be available online shortly to make things easier.

We are VAT registered EU company. We do not pay VAT. How do we remove VAT from our order?

You will need to place your order through our online store but before you place your order you must enter your VAT number into your customer account. This will verify your VAT number and remove the VAT from your invoice.

It’s quite simple to do.

To set up a EU VAT free account on our new website:

1) You will need to create an account (see below) or if you have already registered, login to your existing account at:

2) On the ‘create an account page’ you will be asked to input your details and VAT number. You will need to input the VAT 2 figure country code and the number with no gaps. It will check your VAT number against the EU VAT register immediately and once verified will allow you to Submit your account details. (IMPORTANT Both the billing and delivery address will need to have the VAT number).

3) Once verified you can fill your basket as normal and the shopping basket will now show the VAT as £0.00.

4) Once you have completed your order - proceed to checkout as normal. If not already completed, you will need to input address details etc. as normal (which will be saved for future VAT free orders).

5) Just before you proceed to the payment pages you will need to select the correct EU country option from the drop down menu.

6) Proceed to payment page as normal to pay by Credit / Debit / PayPal through secure payments by Sagepay.



 Please click the link below to create an account.

You will need to enter: First and last Name, Email address and a password to start with but it's probably worth filling all your account details at the same time to save time later. 

Once logged in as an account customer it will also allow you to view previous orders, repeat orders, amend delivery details, track orders and parcels etc. and give us access to help recover failed orders.

We have noticed a difference in shade between our current delivery of Hairy Manilla, and the previous batch.

Yes unfortunately that is the nature of the material. It's made from 100% post consumer waste and no dye is used at all to colour it. Therefore the shade is largely dependant on what waste is available when the paper is being made.
Sometimes it's not noticeable but sometimes it is more grey than brown. We try to buy in larger batches to maintain a shade for as long as possible but do appreciate that the materials inconsistency can be a nuisance sometimes for some of our customers. For others this is the proof of it's recycled credentials. It is after all the greenest paper we stock - it's manufactured in the UK from 100% post consumer UK waste.

We were wondering if you would post to Australia?

Unfortunately we do not dispatch orders to Australia (or New Zealand). This is mainly due to the environmental impact of sending goods over such large distances (carbon miles) - plus the cost of carriage is likely to be almost as much as, if not more than the value of the goods.
We hope you will be able to source similar products more locally. Even if you can't buy recycled locally it could probably still work out to be 'greener'. Especially when taking into consideration the amount of fuel used to send orders over such large distances.

What are your biodegradable bags made from?

They are made from corn starch and are these are fully biodegradable and compostable, breaking down into CO2 and H2O. (at a constant 58°C it takes approx 45 days to decompose.)
The bio-film is manufactured by a company in Germany and then made into bags in the UK.
These bags are derived from corn starch which comes from an annually renewable crop. As opposed to fossil fuel derived oil based plastics which are non renewable.

What is the shelf life of your bio-degradable bags and do they require special storage?

The shelf life at room temp, kept away from humidity and direct sunlight should run to years.
In normal household conditions they are quite stable - they may well take years to start degrading. (Our supplier has kept some of the first batch they made from about four years ago and they are still OK. Until they start to degrade we don't have a definitive time scale.)
The main thing to avoid is prolonged exposure to humidity - avoid excessive heat, moisture and light to maximise shelf life otherwise they will start to degrade.
(If a bag is splashed with water they don't start to degrade immediately. If wiped off straight away they should come to no harm.)

What kind of glues are used to make your envelopes?

The glued down flaps are PVA and the glue on the open flap (the the licking side) is starch based, derived from potatoes sourced in the UK.