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The World Student Environmental Network

Today see's the start of The World Student Environmental Network (WSEN) ninth annual Summit at Keele University and the University of Sussex. Held from 25th and 30th of July, this years theme is "Sustainability Together".
Earlier in the year we were approached to see if we could help to sponsor the event by providing some notepads for the delegates to use at the conference. The Summit is entirely student organised and provides delegates the opportunity to learn, share and experience lectures, workshops, presentations and activities around the topics of environment, sustainability and cooperation. In order to ensure equal participation, WSEN provide attendance, food and accommodation for the conference free of cost to the Student delegates, (particularly those from developing countries).

We were therefore happy to contribute, and by so, help to inspire a more sustainable future through the next generation of ethically and
environmentally aware students.

However we didn't just want to send out any old pads. We wanted to make sure that they would be as green as possible. The paper used was our 100% recycled white stock which came from re-using left over ruled print waste from a bespoke making. Thereby avoiding any additional environmental impact in the printing. These sheets were then bound to the 100% recycled green coloured card covers, printed with the WSEN2016 logo full on the front.

Hopefully this small contribution will help in some small way to sow the seeds for a greener future. We wish the students all the very best at the conference and for the future.