I'm having trouble lining up the labels to the template, is there anything I can do to help?

Depending on the artwork and the printer used, initial registration using our templates in Word or Open office may require a slight tweak or two to ensure the best alignment. This can be done in a number of ways, but we normally reccomend doing this using the Layout/Margins/Custom Margins option in word. By tweaking the top or one of the side margins you can centre the whole table while retaining the overall layout. To reduce waste, do this on plain paper first before printing on the label sheets.

To ensure each label is the same, we reccomend working in just the first square to get the design right (trial prints onto plain paper to save labels) and then copy and paste into the other labels. (To insert text, if you select the whole of the initial ‘enter your text here’ and then enter new text or copy and paste an image, it should retain the labels in the same alignment.) It is important to ensure that the inserted text is not too large for the label or Word will adjust the size of the cell and the alignment of subsequent cells will be wrong. If this does happen, I find it easier to download the template again and start afresh.

You can also add a background colour to create background colours for your labels. When you fill the table field with colour it is designed to go slightly over the outside of the boundary of the label, so you get colour right up to the edge.

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