Plastic Free Deliveries

It doest make any sense to deliver eco-friendly products wrapped in plastic. That’s why we don’t!

We’re so proud of our eco-friendly packaging that we use it for our own orders. It allows us to fully test products before we launch, and also keep a close eye on quality. Using our packaging in a real life warehouse environment helps constantly upgrade designs to help maximise efficiency.

We also dispatch orders in re-used and second hand cartons with largely recycled packaging materials from our supplier deliveries, and from a number of other businesses  based in our Mill. Naturally much of the this packaging can be re-used, recycled or composted - please recycle it when possible (after all that's the raw material for your next order).

We are moving away from using palletised deliveries because there is no eco alternative to pallet shrink wrap on the market.  This is used to avoid any water damage during transit. We have run trials of using cellulose film on pallets but more work is needed to make this a large scale option.