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Making a Purchase

In this latest version of our tablet and mobile friendly online store, we have tried to keep site navigation ordering as easy and straight forward as possible.

Regular customers will notice that the appearance of the store been has updated and simplified. Like all things new, it might take a little while to get used to but we hope that you will find it much simpler to use.

While most product sections remain the same as before we have added a new filter system to help you find products more easily. Simply tick the filters you want and the site will filter out any 'unwanted' products. Leaving you to focus on the products you do want.

We have also added a new feature at checkout to make life easier for regular customers. You can now set up a user account (my account). This will save you from retyping your address for every order, allow you to see previous orders and re-order regular purchases. You will also be able to use it to track your deliveries. It's easy to set up - simply register in at checkout with a secure user name and password the first time you place an order on the new site. However for those who only want to place a single order and don't want want to register, you can still choose to 'check out as a guest' at the checkout. 

Schools / Government Bodies: If you need to purchase using an official purchase order please email for details at sales@eco-craft.co.uk 


We offer a money back guarantee on all goods.

We are happy to exchange or credit for any goods you are not satisfied with. See 'Returns Policy' for full details.

Information on our site

We have taken every care to ensure that all information displayed on our website is accurate and that all goods have been fairly described.
Each product is sold subject to its product description. We have taken all reasonable care to ensure that all details, descriptions and prices of the products shown on our website are correct. However all weights and dimensions are approximate only and may vary slightly from those shown

Product Tolerance / Colour Variations

Please note: slight colour variations in paper and card stock can occur from time to time with recycled materials. This is more likely to be seen in our Hairy Manilla and eco-natural colours. They are made from the very greenest 100% post consumer waste and where possible no dye is used to colour them. Therefore the shade is largely dependant on what waste is available when the paper is being made. It can also show between different weights of papers as these will normally come from different makings and sometimes different mills. It is the proof that they are really recycled. Where dye is used to colour our card and papers it is made from non-toxic natural minerals and man made pigments. No animal derived pigments such as cochineal or harmful chemicals are used.
All sizes are approximate and can vary up to 2 mm in either dimension.
Please conduct your own tests on products before placing orders, as we cannot guarantee the suitability of our products for any specific purposes. You can also use our sample service to see card / paper / envelopes etc. before you buy. 

Pack Quantity

Please note: nearly all of our products are sold in packs of 10, 100 etc. and the price shown shows the price for the full pack quantity inclusive of VAT. All packs come in a single colour. You can have different coloured packs to make up your order (and get the appropriate rate of discount) but we can't mix colours within each single pack. 

Back Orders

We do not send back orders. If for any reason your item is not in stock, we will use your contact details to inform you of any long delays or discontinued items. Where goods are required urgently we are happy to cancel your order if you would rather not wait.

Minimum Orders

Our minimum order is £6 inclusive of VAT - ex delivery.


We accept payment by Credit or Debit Cards - Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Paypal through secure payments at Sagepay. Payment is normally taken at point of dispatch. All orders must be paid for in full before dispatch.
Do Not send your credit card information via fax, snail mail or email.
 Sorry we can only accept orders placed through our online store - we no longer accept orders by phone or fax.
We reserve the right to adjust payment amounts, without asking permission first, due to mistakes, calculation errors, stock deletions etc.

Vat Invoice

Prices include VAT at standard rate (20%) . A VAT receipt will be sent with all orders. Registered customers will be able to view previous orders and print off copy invoices.