DIY: eco-friendly & biodegradable confetti + free sticker template

DIY: eco-friendly & biodegradable confetti + free sticker template

DIY: Eco-Friendly & Biodegradable Confetti + Free Sticker Template

As people are becoming more conscious of the things they consume, and the impact that their buying habits have on the environment, searches for eco-friendly wedding items are on the rise - reusable straws, biodegradable confetti, vintage dresses & decorations are becoming increasingly fashionable.
A popular option for eco-friendly confetti is to use dried flowers & petals- this creates a colourful confetti shower whilst being completely biodegradable and eco-friendly. The only problem is that a lot of these bags of confetti are sold in plastic bags. Our range of clear biodegradable display bags and compostable cellulose bags are made from vegetable starches - meaning that they are a great, eco-friendly alternative to plastic poly bags. In this blog we will show you how they can be used to make completely biodegradable confetti. At  the end of the blog there is a FREE downloadable sticker template, designed to be used with our recycled labels to finish off the look.

This idea is great for those of you who want to keep your wedding costs low, but also for wedding suppliers who want to add to your range of wedding supplies. Dry petals can be obtained in many ways, these include but are not limited to:
Oven dry - best if you have fresh flowers & petals, and you need confetti that same day.
Air dry – best to retain the colour of the flowers if you have more time to spare
Buy petals – best if you don’t have access to lots of flowers, or the space/time to dry your own.
Each of you will have your own preference and needs so we won’t go into detail on this part.

We have a couple of different bag options for this DIY. If you want a self-sealing bag - the SSBioC7 is the perfect size, holding a generous handful of petals.
We sell these compostable bags in packs of 50 for £3.02 or 100 for £5.30

Another option is our cellulose bags, Cell-01 is the perfect size for a handful of confetti. These are sold in packs of 100 for £7.66. These bags are not self-sealing but can be sealed with our compostable clear seals in either 20mm (£1.85 for 100) or 30mm (£2.04 for 100.)

They can also be sealed with a personalised sticker or with a heat-sealing crimping tool.

Once your biodegradable bags are filled & sealed, you can then place a round sticker over the front of the bag, as we have on the photos.

Our L37C labels are the perfect size for this and are designed to run through a standard home-printer.

We created TWO free templates for you to download, these are ready to print as soon as they’re downloaded! You can also download the blank template and get creative designing your own. These are designed to fit with our L37c labels, which are 100% recycled. These are available as single sheets (£0.48) of 35 stickers or packs of 100 sheets (£18.00) if you are a supplier who wanted to provide these for your customers.






Let us know if you’ll be giving this DIY a go!

Team Eco-Craft.