92x68mm Peel & Seal Glassine Bag

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92x68mm Peel & Seal Glassine Bag

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DIMENSIONS: 92 x 68mm

FLAP: Self Seal 


MATERIAL: Glassine (Paper)

ENVIRONMENTAL: Recyclable, Compostable, Biodegradable


PACK QUANTITY: 100 or 1000 Bags Per Pack

Product Overview

Pack of 100 or 1000 92x68mm glassine paper bags. Would suit a range of general ecommerce and retail packaging uses. Ideal for businesses looking for alternatives to conventional petrochemical (old carbon) plastic bags like Polyprop or PVC. Available in different pack sizes, with discounts to suit small businesses and start-ups up to volume (wholesale) users. Featuring a self seal adhesive fixing strip for quick and easy sealing.

These bags are made in the UK from glassine. Despite how glassine looks and feels, it is 100% paper and not coated or waxed, meaning it is fully recyclable as paper. Although not completely waterproof, glassine offers good resistance against moisture & grease, making these bags ideal for wax melts, soap, confetti, flower seeds, photographs, stamps, small mechanical components, and much more! Please note, even though glassine as a material is food-safe, these bags are not manufactured or packaged in a certified food-safe environment. 



Our glassine bags are 100% paper. Often confused with parchment paper and wax paper, glassine is completely uncoated, meaning it is fully recyclable and compostable - this means it will break down to CO2, H2O and biomass which can then be reused in the ecosystem to make new plants. Although these can be composted, it seems a waste of reusable material, so as with all paper products on our website, we recommend recycling glassine so the fibres can be used again to make new papers & products!



These bags are primarily intended for small artisan items or greetings cards, however, we do not guarantee the suitability of these products for any specific purpose. You must conduct your own tests on products before placing orders, to ensure that they are suitable for your requirements. Before you place an order, we are happy to supply sample products for you to run tests on. You can obtain samples for most products by simply clicking on the ‘add sample’ button on each product page. (All our recycled, renewable and compostable materials are natural products which are liable to variation so we advise that all orders should be checked for any variation before using them.)



Glassine paper is a natural product designed to be recycled or composted at the end of use. It is a versatile material that is moisture & grease resistant, but NOT fully waterproof - if the bags are completely soaked in water, it will seep through. However glassine generally has good resistance to moisture, oil & grease. To get the best from glassine bags we recommend that they should be kept away from high temperatures and humidity. Careful, minimal handling and the correct storage will avoid damage to its appearance and maximise shelf life.



• Acid-free / PH Neutral
• Resistant to moisture & grease - During the manufacturing process, the cell structure of the glassine paper is treated with heat & pressure, making it less susceptible to hygroscopicity (absorption of moisture through the air.)
• Stronger than ‘standard’ paper of the same gsm - Glassine paper is almost twice as dense as standard paper, meaning it is more resistant to tearing, bursting, and has much higher tensile strength.
• Domestically recyclable
• Biodegradable & Compostable
• Full disclosure - As a company we believe in offering transparency about our materials & products, including any downsides. Currently, glassine is always made with virgin paper pulp, and while it is renewable and responsibly grown, the process of manufacturing glassine is resource intensive and will have an environmental impact. However, this will be minimal compared to similar petro-chemical & fossil fuel based materials.



Despite it’s appearance, glassine is not made from petro-chemicals. It is made from wood pulp, specifically the cellulose (lignocellulosic waste biomass.) 

Unlike other papers though, glassine paper production requires full separation of lignin/cellulose from the wood chips. This is achieved by cooking the wood chips to break the chemical bond of the lignin, allowing the extraction of the cellulose. The pulp is then sent through the paper manufacture process. Once dry, the sheets are then “calendered”, (pressed between pressure cylinders called ‘calendars.’) For standard paper, this is the end of the process, however glassine goes through an extra process called “supercalendering,” where the paper is put through the calendering process multiple times. This requires a special machine with heated, cooled & pressurised rollers,  causing the fibres of glassine to all face the same direction. This process breaks down the cells to achieve higher density & lower porosity (this is also what gives glassine it’s smooth, glossy finish.)



The glassine bags we supply are designed to allow end users to recycle or compost them at the end of life, as an alternative to sending them straight to landfill. Although glassine can be composted, it is currently only made from virgin paper fibres, so we would consider recycling a much more sustainable and environmentally friendly way to dispose, as the paper fibres can be reused up to 7 times. Glassine is suitable for paper recycling and should be put in with domestic paper recycling collections. 







Origin UK

Origin UK

Vegan Friendly

Vegan Friendly

Great Bags

Love these new bags, perfect business card size. I use my business cards to put my jewellery on and slide these into the recyclable bags! Easy self adhesive and a great way to be Eco Concious in my business! Thank you


01 December 2022

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This product is made from material that can be recycled. Please recycle this product.


This product is biodegradable at end of life.


This product is compostable at end of life.

Origin UK

Made in Britain for eco-craft by selected suppliers.

Vegan Friendly

Made without the use of any animal products or animal testing. Free from any animal based pigments or adhesives including gelatine.

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